Steel Products

Our e-commerce site is on its way! But until then please find below a list of items we currently stock. Feel free to call us and place an order and we will get you what you need as soon as possible. If it’s not on the list, still call because if we haven’t got it we will get it for you.

Steel: Rhs Galvanised & Painted, Pipe Galvanised, Painted or Black, Plate, U-Beam, U-Column, Downgrade Rhs & Pipe

Oval Rail: Galvanised or Painted 6 sizes to choose from, all AS1163 grade

Merchant Bar: Channel, Square, Round, Flat, Angle Sections also available in hot dipped and duragal finishes

Pipe Services: Screwed, Swagged, Crimping, Bending, Cranking, Drilling

Sheet: Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled, Galvanised, Zincalume, Zincaneal

Fencing: Barbed Wire, Chain Wire, Plain Wire, Cattle Cable, Strainer Posts......and more